Holly Prouty, RN IBCLC CST
                                                                                                Craniosacral Therapy Services                                                         


   Holly is understanding and supportive and always available to toubleshoot throughout the process. I felt empowered by the exercises

   and suggestions she made after the surgery.  The difference was incredible.  Thank you, Holly,  for all of your amazing suport.  Cassandra R

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "Holly was an integral part of my pregnancy and helped prepare me and my body for the easy natural delivery i desired. She not only

     helped  me provide relief for my chronic low back/sacroiliac pain, she changed the stress response the baby and I were experiencing

     during  pregnancy.   After the first visit in my third trimester, the baby and I were very noticeably less stressed and I felt so much better.                 I only wished I started going to Holly earlier. "         Dr. Lauren J

​   Thank you for all of your help and support.  If  it was not for you and CST, our baby might be wearing a helmet right now.          Ashley D.


       In just a few CST sessions with our son who had torticolis and plagiocephaly,  we experienced an noticeably happier baby with     

      increased activity. We would highly recommend Holly Prouty and Craniosacral therapy for helping our baby

      not to get a helmet.   Leslie B

​    I began taking my daughter for CST with Holly after her tongue and lip tie revision. During the first session, I was impressed that Holly

   asked questions to get to know the whole picture of my daughter's history, symptoms, and needs. I was not familiar with CST, so she

   explained it, and answered all my questions. She gave me followup exercises I could do at home to help my daughter with reflux,

   neck, and diaphragm tightness. She monitored  my baby's surgery sites which gave me peace of mind. Holly does much more than

   therapy, she encourages me as a mom and gives experienced advice with her experiences as an LC, nurse and mother.        Alissa P

   "My 3 1/2 yr old son Luke has recently been diagnosed with a speech and language disorder called mixed expressive receptive disorder. He  

  could formulate words but had a very difficult time stating his own independent thoughts. I took my son for craniosacral therapy

   sessions with Holly and the results have been amazing. He has been speaking non-stop and putting sentences and thoughts together

   that he wasn't even close to doing before! His level of understanding has gone through the roof and he has become an extremely      

   engaging child. He is so much happier and has been napping better after just one month of treatment. The speech therapist even

   asked "What brought on the big change she was seeing?" I so wish I had taken him to see Holly sooner, but am grateful that he is getting

   the help he needs now!"      Brook S

  "I am so very grateful for finding Holly and CST. Last year I began to experience health issues that came on quickly. It started with 

   ringing in my ears, intense ear pressure and then extreme facial pain. It was difficult to even hold up my head. The pain radiated 

   down my neck and into my back and shoulders. I went to countless doctors and tried numerous other holistic approaches. Nothing 

   was working and no one seemed to be to able to know what was wrong with me.  i was at my wits end, when I finally decided to

   try CST. After only a few sessions with Holly, my ear pressure and facial pain had greatly decreased.  In on going sessions with 

   Holly I became pain free. I actually feel like my old self again. CST works!!!   Thank you Holly."          Stacy  M.

​ "I am so thankful that we found CST and Holly Prouty! Our 5th child was born with a severe form of tongue tie and some other 
differences in her oral anatomy which prevented her from being able to breastfeed or drink from a regular bottle. She had a surgery
 soon after birth but was not making much progress in the weeks following. Holly was recommended to us by several IBCLC's who are 
familiar with the wonderful benefits of CST in breastfeeding situations. I didn't understand much about the therapy at first but we 
really trusted the referrals and felt very comfortable after speaking with Holly directly. I saw great progress in the days following the 
first CST treatment. Over a short period of time, our baby not only began to breastfeed again, but also took in more milk in a faster
amount of time. By the time she was 2 1/2 months old, our daughter was exclusively breastfeeding and gaining
 normally..something the doctor who did her surgery did not think would EVER happen! Things kept getting easier and better as time 
went on and we are continuing to breastfeed. CST makes a difference and I'm so thankful we learned this through Holly!" Melanie  T.

Patient Testimonials

​ "I was fortunate enough to meet Holly right when I was going through the worst migraine episode I'd ever experienced, 2+ per week. 
When she mentioned that she had helped other migraine sufferers, I knew I had to give CST a shot.  After our first session I was 
remarkably better.  Now I can't remember the last migraine I had.  As to all of the other muscular issues that have taken me to
  physical therapy and chiropractors over the years:  Holly "listened" to them too and thanks to her gentle, knowledgeable touch 
I feel great!  Thanks Holly!"     Lisa K.